My First Blog Post

Hi everyone welcome to my Stories

I’m Efape and Im new here. For the past few months I wonder how I used my social media accounts to connect to people and have amazing learnings in life. Gladly I found this website where I could share to people my thoughts and life story that could help them to become inspired and be more motivated.

I’m from Iloilo “Most livable city” as what they said. Old churches, white beaches and amazing city that every person wants to visit.

Miag-ao Church
Mega world where restaurants, cafeteria and malls located.
The famous isla de Gigantes

Why Life and adventure?

I’m the type of person loves to travel and explore. This life that we have is full of unexpected adventure that enable us to learn so much things and apply every single of it in our everydays life.

I hope my website will help you understand more about reality of life. If you have any questions regarding on my story just feel free to comment down below and I’ll make a blog for you🤗

Published by Explorer

Loves to travel and find adventure

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