My First Blog Post

Hi everyone welcome to my Stories

I’m Efape and Im new here. For the past few months I wonder how I used my social media accounts to connect to people and have amazing learnings in life. Gladly I found this website where I could share to people my thoughts and life story that could help them to become inspired and be more motivated.

I’m from Iloilo “Most livable city” as what they said. Old churches, white beaches and amazing city that every person wants to visit.

Miag-ao Church
Mega world where restaurants, cafeteria and malls located.
The famous isla de Gigantes

Why Life and adventure?

I’m the type of person loves to travel and explore. This life that we have is full of unexpected adventure that enable us to learn so much things and apply every single of it in our everydays life.

I hope my website will help you understand more about reality of life. If you have any questions regarding on my story just feel free to comment down below and I’ll make a blog for you🤗

“A life of being a NURSE”

“Becoming a nurse is one of the most selfless acts a person can undertake. In a society of so many different races, cultures, customs, and beliefs, nurses are a universal gift to all, and the dedicated work that they do and kindness they deliver on a daily basis should serve as a reminder of the fundamental humanity inside us all.”

SERVICE” and “SACRIFICE“what comes in your mind? These are the perfect word describing to a NURSE. Sacrificing our own time, family, and even important events are some reasons why you see us nurses taking care of you. But somehow, most of you do not appreciate what we are doing, instead of, you keep on blaming us and keep on demanding such things that weren’t so important.

As a nurse I heared someone says “those nurses are mean, they can’t entertain us and they don’t prioritize my child” ” they don’t even care if what happened to their patients”

It hurts me hearing those words from you. It feels like, all those things I’ ve done for your own sake were useless. You know what, we can’t really entertain you because we’re occupied of so much task that even spending my time talking to you is limited. Our time is precious and we make sure those times that we had goes to those person who really needs our help. You should be thankful if we’re not giving special attention to your child it means your child is safe and not dying. If we don’t really care about you, then why should we skip our meals just to have your medications on time? Or why should we hold our bladder just to make sure all we’ve done for were charted? Eventhough we want to attend all your needs but we’re just 1 and you’re 50! See? We’re not super hero or robbot just to do what you want, or in just a second you have what you want. We’re just human, we got tired and exhausted from those toxic environment that we have.

Our daily census reach about a hundred patients and we are 2 contractual nurses and 1 staff. Those patients that we have is divided into 2 so the ratio now is 1:50. Isn’t it amazing?! Being a nurse handling almost 50 patients with so much complaints is not easy. Going back and forth attending all your needs, giving medications, finding those doctors just to relay how you feel, but still it was not enough. Sad reality. Inorder for you to survive being a nurse, you have to be emotionally stable and have that courage to get up everyday with a smile eventhough you felt tired the whole day. Sometimes we feel like we don’t have right to be mad at you or even to complain with our job.

Suppose to be, we worked for 8 hours a day but we want to make sure all were settled when we go home so we spend another 4 hours for free, no overtime pay! 2months, 1 month delayed salary. How sad!! We worked, because its our job to care of you, but its really dissapointing to know that we were not appreciated by many. Even our governments have no time to look at our situations and even the setting inside the hospitals. Lack of equipments, lack of nurses or even rooms for patients.

When you enter in our hospital lobby expect that there’s patients along the hall way, folks sleeping on floor, because there’s no room for them. See? How do they recover fast, when there’s a lot of stretcher, wheelchair carrying patients with diverse cases pass by?. I hope our Government see those scenario and gives us nurses enough compensation.

All we need is RESPECT and APPRECIATION from you. A simple THANK YOU means alot!

Kudos to those nurses out there who really love their job and happy to serve people!!!

Let me know what’s in your mind🙂

Be yourself

About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won’t like you at all.

Have you ever tried to compare yourself to other people? Or doing things which pleases everybody but not yourself? Keep on reading friend and lets talk about it.

We are unique individuals. Each one of us possess diverse characteristics and uncommon talents which makes us different from the others. Having insecurities is normal because that’s the nature of human. We’re not perfect!

Not all people will appreciate who you are. Not all people will eventually like you. In short, be yourself and do what ever it takes to make you happy. In the end, other peoples opinion doesn’t matter because its your life, you have to take control of it. Give yourself freedom. Freedom to choose the path that suits you, freedom to express your inner self in certain ways and freedom to do what ever you want as long as you find fulfillment of what you’re doing.

Sometimes we don’t talk about our beliefs coz maybe our friend doesn’t like it or maybe our friend don’t want to hear it from us. You know what, don’t hesitate to share your opinions and beliefs, in that way, people will know you more and they will respect you for who you are.

Yes, I admit I’m not perfect! I commit mistakes but learning from it gives a huge impact in my life. It makes me more stonger and become a tough individual.

Learn to accept yourself and be mature enough to handle certain situation. In times that you feel you are alone and no one is there to comfort you, remember ONE friend is enough and that is GOD. Confess all your pains and failures to him, no doubt no buts and what ifs.

I remember this song:

“I tell him all my sorrows,

I tell him all my joys,

I tell him all that pleases me,

I tell Him what annoys,

He tells me what I ought to do,

He tells me how to try,

And so we talk together

My Lord and I.”

I love this song coz it reminds me that God is always there to listen all my stories with no judgement at all.

Don’t be afraid to lose all your friends for showing the real you, always remember that this one friend of yours is always there whenever you need him.

Share me your thoughts on how to be yourself just comment down below👇.

My Hongkong adventure

Hongkong is the place where all filipinoes prefer to visit . Aside from Its famous disneyland Hongkong have lots of tourist spot that enables you to have fun and enjoy every moment with your friends and families . This is my 1st ever winter vacation and I love how winter feels 😊.

https://youtu.be/9edT8nCOE6s pls watch my whole adventure here👆

This is the view outside our room 😊
My Doc samaritan family😊

After I heard that we have a company tour, I’m really excited! and they choose HONGKONG to spend our winter vacation😊

Day 1


Its my first time to ride on a train going to ocean park. At first, I thought this place was just viewing all kinds of fishes and other sea creatures where in fact all scary rides was there! 😮 As we arrived, of course we took some pictures and yes! Im with him💁‍♀️ its our second time traveling outside the country. It is really interesting and we’re having fun😊


Before we have reach our destination we’re going to ride first on what they call “cable car” and I really love the view from the top.

Thoughts about becoming a Nurse

Being a nurse means to hold your own tears and start drawing smiles on people’s faces”

How ironic right? But indeed it’s true.
Way back on 2014 after I graduated I never took Board exams beacause it’s too expensive and I can’t even afford it. I started working as asecretary on alternative clinics, they sell food supplements and other herbal products. It’s way too far from my profession, right? But I don’t mind it as long as I earned money and happily enjoying my job. I met different types of people, I went to different places, I ‘ve tried something new.

I have so much memories here in disney. Cute buildings, cute cartoon character, a magical place indeed.

I love thailand, I like their infastractures, their animal shows makes me entertained😊

I love the view from the top. It helps me relax and feel calm😊 (Hongkong, Victoria Peak)

Scary ride, 😱😱 but I’ve tried it. Unforgetable experience ever🤗

I enjoyed my vacation here in El Nido. This place is so perfect for relaxation and for family get away.

But somehow I feel incomplete, like i have some unfinished business to attend to. I don’ t know what it is all about, I don’t know why i felt like this. Until one day as I’m scrolling my facebook account, I saw some posts of my friends wearing all white and they are very proud of what they are wearing. They share their experiences, their sacrifices and even their funny moments behind the scene. I’m happy with their achievements but suddenly, I feel determined to do the same thing also. You know, the feeling of craving sweets or your favorite food? Thats what exactly how I feel! I’m craving of learnings, new experiences and most probably to be a NURSE. To be honest, I’m enjoying my job. I make lots of friends but I had to dealt this emptiness within me.

3 years ago I became an accounting staff. My salary increases, my work load also increases and the worst thing is stress is my friend. Sounds cool isn’t it? But that doesn’t stop me to become motivated. I’m started planning to take this board exam and that makes me more excited. I worked hard earning money for my review. It takes me 4 years to decide to finally resigned on my current job and pursue my career. I’m thankful to those people who understands my decissions especially my boss they are very supportive. They are already my second family. I’m sad because we have to go separate ways but I had to keep reminding on myself that this is what I choose and you have to take risk inorder for you to grow as individual.

I start reviewing for 6 months I paid all my expenses!!! Yes, you read it right! That’s how determined I am. As expected back to zero.. In 4 years I stopped learning medical terms, patophysiology of the disease of course I forgot about it already.

“what’s that?” “I haven’t encountered that word” thoughts inside my mind. I try to focused on my review but still there’s a lot of distructions that I can’t avoid. I deleted my social media account and installed it again! What a joke right? I end up reading the whole book of Carl Balita “Utimate Learning guide for Nursing Review”. I love this book because the author makes it more simple and understandable for the readers. To cut the story short, I took the board exam last November 2018 and I sucessfully passed it!

“1st takers for the late takers”

I know from the start if God wants me to become a Nurse then He would help me passed and it happened.

All sacrfices paid off Thanks God☝️

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will established your plans

Proverbs 16:3

All this achievements that I have I offered it to God because without him I may not be able to achieved all these things.

Now I currently working in hospital as a real nurse😊.

Happy to serve people and I love my job!!!

Are you planning also to pursue your carreer? There is no harm on trying. Don’t be afraid to take risk to be more confident and to be the person you want to become in your life.

Comment down below and send me your thoughts. 👇👇😊😊

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