My Hongkong adventure

Hongkong is the place where all filipinoes prefer to visit . Aside from Its famous disneyland Hongkong have lots of tourist spot that enables you to have fun and enjoy every moment with your friends and families . This is my 1st ever winter vacation and I love how winter feels 😊. pls watch my whole adventure here👆

This is the view outside our room 😊
My Doc samaritan family😊

After I heard that we have a company tour, I’m really excited! and they choose HONGKONG to spend our winter vacation😊

Day 1


Its my first time to ride on a train going to ocean park. At first, I thought this place was just viewing all kinds of fishes and other sea creatures where in fact all scary rides was there! 😮 As we arrived, of course we took some pictures and yes! Im with him💁‍♀️ its our second time traveling outside the country. It is really interesting and we’re having fun😊

Before we have reach our destination we’re going to ride first on what they call “cable car” and I really love the view from the top.

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